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Washington auto insurance is both mandatory and enforced.  Car insurance in WA is important not only to pay damages to people and/or for property, but also to protect the insured’s financial interests.

There is some type of insurance on the market for every driver.  The state of Washington’s perspective is that if you can not afford Washington auto insurance then maybe you need a more economical vehicle or should not drive.

At the very least, for those who have title to their vehicle, liability is mandatory.  If you have a lien on your vehicle, you may be required to carry full coverage. Full coverage includes comprehensive coverage in the event your car is vandalized or is subjected to acts of nature causing damage.  Collision is another requirement.  Collision covers the car in the event of an accident and therefore protects the lender’s investment.

Washington State Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements 

Rates nationwide are communicated in auto insurance jargon.  Washington state residents are required to carry auto insurance at a minimum of 25/50/15.  That formula would translate to:

  • $25,000 of (BIL) – Bodily Injury Liability- for ea. person in an accident;$50,000 per accident
  • $10,000 of (PDL) – Property Damage Liability – for damage to another person’s property

This coverage can be in the form of certificates of deposits, liability bond, or insurance liability policy.  If the insured wants to add additional coverage, they have that option.  There are some that may opt to obtain uninsured or underinsured motorists fee in addition to comprehensive and collision just to protect their investment.  

Washington Auto Insurance Options For Special Vehicles 

Those with luxury cars or sport cars may want to take advantage of additional Washington auto insurance options.  It is common for them to increase the comprehensive and collision amounts even if it means increasing the deductible.  The safety of the vehicle and frequency of use can help you to save money on premiums and offset some of the additional costs.

There are other vehicles that have to get special Washington auto insurance.  Those special vehicles may be:

  • Limousines
  • Buses
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks (to include 18 wheelers)

Taxies would fall in that special category with limousines.  These vehicles receive commercial rates.  

Washington Auto Insurance High Risk Pool 

Washingtonians are forced to obtain SR22, which is essentially the Washington auto insurance high risk pool.  There was a time when you had to take a taxi to the DMV and pay a reinstatement fee before going to the SR22 office to pay your premium.  Now you can perform these transactions online.

Washington Auto Insurance Companies 

Washington auto insurance carriers are regulated by the Washington State Office of the Commissioner.  All auto insurance carriers must be licensed to do business in the state of Washington.   The Washington State Office of the Commissioner is also the place where complaints are filed if there is a problem.

If there is a problem with a claim, one of the basic things to keep in mind is that time is of the essence.  There is a statute of limitations with regard to filing claim discrepancies.  

The Penalties For Not Carrying Washington Auto Insurance 

Washington State police have the authority to enforce the mandate to have Washington car insurance.  In some states, if you are stopped by highway patrol, you are asked to present driver’s license and registration.  Washington patrol will require:

  • Driver’s License
  • Registration
  • Proof of Insurance (you or the car must be insured)

If you are caught without insurance, you could face penalties that amount to $450.  You could be assessed with a public safety and education assessment of $70.  These penalties apply to out-of-state drivers in Washington State as well. When you combine the legal requirements with the desire to protect your health and financial fitness, the need for appropriate car insurance becomes crystal clear. 

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Washington auto insurance rates can be obtained online.  It is a good idea to assess your needs when shopping for the best Washington car insurance rate.  In Washington, you do not need (PIP) personal injury protection.  When you finalize on a carrier, you must opt out of PIP so that you won’t be charged.

In order to get coverage that meets your needs and is still affordable, you need to compare rates from several providers. To get Washington auto insurance rate quotes immediately, just click on the quote tool at the top of the page.

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